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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Economics Jokes

One of my friends suggested that teaching Economics must be a bit boring - what on Earth can he mean when there are so many fantastic Economics jokes around:

1) Tony Blair and George Bush were meeting at a summit. 'George,' says Tony - with the microphone accidentally left on, 'I've got a big problem. I've got 100 spin doctors but I'm convinced one of them is telling the truth, but I can't tell which one,'

'So what,' says George, 'I have to listen to 100 economists every day and only one of them is telling the truth. The trouble is, it's a different one every day.'

2) A woman is told by her doctor she has only one year to live. 'What should I do?' she asks. 'Marry an economist,' he replies. 'Will he be able to cure me?' she asks. 'No,' the doctor replied, 'But it'll make the year seem a lot longer.'

3) How many economists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

The answer is 10 + 1 student.

That's one economist to construct a model of the event; one to complete a regression analysis, one to calculate the input factors, one to evaluate the externalities, one to supervise the student whilst he screws in the lightbulb and five to argue about the range of possible outcomes when the switch is thrown.

4) People came from kilometres to see
The two economists who agreed to agree
But oh what anguished cries there were
When we saw both economists concur
That one and one always make three

5) If you rearrange the letters in Economics, you get Comic Nose

6) What is an IMF economist? Someone who gets rich by explaining to others why they are poor.

7) Economics - the knowledge of everything in trapped in a language that no one understands

8) It's said that President Theodore Roosevelt, a great bear of a man - who talked straight and stood taller than most - once asked for a one-handed economist. 'Why's that?' his advisor asked, 'Because all the ones I have now keep saying.....on the one hand, such-and-such is true....but on the other hand.....'

9) What do Business Studies graduates say in their first job? 'Do you want french fries with that, sir?'

10) A 30-year-old economist visited his old college. His old teacher was handing out exam papers. 'Hey!' said the economist, 'That's the same paper I did ten years ago!' 'Yes,' said the teacher, 'But now the answers are different.'


  • Wow. That's good stuff

    By Blogger LSE, at 12:04 am  

  • Wow!! These are good jokes! By the way, i am your ex-student. By reading my blog, you will find out which one.

    By Blogger LSE, at 12:06 am  

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