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Monday, October 29, 2007

About Economics is a Canadian website (I think) which has struggled for sometime to find its right place in the Internet community. For a long time, it acted as a kind of mirror-site to Wikipedia, but more recently it has adopted a metalink approach with carefully chosen moderators creating some very useful areas for themselves from the main body of the site.

One of the best of these is Mike Moffatt's Economics area. His front page acts as a link to two economics textbooks - which in fact lead you to dozens of related articles - all at the appropriate standard for our A-level and Foundation students:

Remember how we've said it's very important for you as an A-level student to get involved in the subject - you won't get an A-grade if you just take notes in class. You don't study Economics, you become an Economist.

Mike's blog is also worth looking at:


  • Listen to him thoroughly as he is telling the truth.

    By Blogger LSE, at 12:08 am  

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