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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Radio Economics

Podcasting in both audio and video is growing rapidly as a medium. Very soon now, in the new Bellerbys Supercentre, we'll be able to push these feeds through the interactive whiteboards in many of the classrooms - we could start the lesson by listening to leading US economist, Paul Krugman and maybe finish by hearing some archive recordings of John Maynard Keynes himself - why listen to Mr Stephenson when you can learn from the best in the world who ever lived!

For the time being, however, you can still catch up with them through the web. Radio Economics is one of the best of the new ones and can be found here:

Their podcast on the future of Russia from Columbia University is especially good and raises the same questions we have discussed in Module 6 (new module 4) - is Russia diversifying rapidly enough away from oil and gas; taking enough steps to reduce inequality; using its new wealth for supply or demand-led policies and so on.

Don't forget you can also download podcasts on to your ipod - so you can hear them on the move if you want.

Another useful site is:

Of course, Economics podcasting is still pretty much in its infancy and I haven't found a really good Russian, British or Chinese site yet - perhaps one of you would like to start one through the Bellerbys Business Club (BBC)? If you would, let me know and we'll see what we can do! If nothing else, it would certainly look good on your UCAS form!


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