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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let's All Go To The Movies!!!

Some great Economics movies around at the moment.

Firstly, there's 'Black Gold' which looks at the problems facing coffee producers. Remember the agricultural paradigm? That's a situation where demand is fairly constant - usually the case with most agricultural products - we can only eat three meals a day - but supply increases with improved technology. As the supply curve shifts to the right, prices fall and farmers find themselves struggling at the margin of just staying in business on poverty wages.

If you go to see 'Black Gold' at the Duke of York's cinema in London Road on Thursday, July 19th, you can get some FREE ethical coffee from the bar. Doors open at 6pm

Another movie worth seeing on Saturday/Sunday 14th/15th July is 'Fast Food Nation' at 1.30pm at the Duke of York's. This movie stars Bruce Willis and is about a fast food chain which discovers cow dung in its burgers. As the company investigator unravels this problem (in a very humourous way) he begins to discover more and more about the fast food industry and the social and economic effects of the business on modern America. I'm not normally a Bruce Willis fan but in this movie, he is truly excellent.


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