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Monday, July 16, 2007

Roaring Dragon

China's economy will overtake Germany this year to become the world's third biggest economy behind the US and Japan.

For economists, keeping up-to-date with news from China is vitally important - what affects China, affects the world.

For non-Chinese speakers, there are many sites you can use for this - one of the best is China Daily:

For a more detailed analysis of news and events, you really can't beat the China Economic Review:

One of the most interesting groups in recent years is the Chinese Economists Society:

This consists of mostly Chinese economists from China, Taiwan and elsewhere who have been very influential in opening up lines of communication in recent years.

Of course, it's raw data that really makes economists excited (we're a strange breed!) and the best site for this is Chinability:

It seems to consist of hundreds of charts on every topic - and they all point upwards!! It was from this site that I learned of the rapid expansion of Xi'an civil aircraft company - if I was Boeing, I'd be getting really worried at this stage - especially with the recent launch of the ARJ21 regional jet in China.


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