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Friday, January 18, 2008

Leading Chinese Economist Tipper for World Bank

Justin Yifu Lin, China's leading economist (and mentioned in this blog a couple of weeks ago) is being tipped for the job of Chief Economist at the World Bank.

Justin is the founder of the Chinese Centre for Economic Research and is professor at Beijing University and also Hong Kong Institute of Science & Technology. He has a degree in Marxist Political Economy from Beijing and a PhD from Chicago. He has twice won the Sun Yefang Economics Prize - China's top award

Justin was actually born in the province of Taiwan but swam the straight to the mainland in 1979 in search of a better life.

He is the author of eight books, including "The China Miracle - Economic Reform & Development" considered to be the most significant analysis of China's development miracle. The World Bank, conscious of China's increasing influence in African development, will no doubt be reading this very closely. Justin has recently been involved in helping China develop its tenth five-year plan which puts increasing emphasis on IT development, a pet topic of his.

He is also a member of the Copenhagen Consensus, a grouping of economists who work together to analyse the greatest problems facing mankind and seek to offer the best economic solutions


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