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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Global Economic Thought

One of the most interesting developments in Economics in the last ten years has been the rise of global economic thinkers.

Many names spring to mind - Joseph Stiglitz, nobel laureate and former head of the World Bank: Jeffrey Sachs, professor of Economics at Columbia University; Joschka Fischer, former German foreign minister; Chen Yuan of the all-powerful China Development Bank; David Daokui Li from Tsinghua University and Justin Yifu Lin of Beijing University and the World Bank.

Many of these are now gathered together in an enterprise called Project Syndicate which seeks to give them a monthly column to sir their views. You can see it here:

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal has produced its list of the top 10 most influential Chinese economists. They are:

Qian Yingyi, Lang Xianping, Lin Yifu, Zou Hengfu, Wu Jinglian, Zhang Weiying, Li Daokui, Chen Zhiwu, Tian Guoqiang and Zhang Wuchang.

One of the problems that Chinese economists have is that they are not published in the traditional western journals as often as they would like and so rarely feature in top lists of economists worldwide - hence, the Wall Street Journals attempt to create a separate list.

The most impressive group of Malaysian economists can be found at the Universiti Utara's School of Economics - here:

Many would argue that Malaysia has been the greatest success story in East Asia. Fifty years ago, it was left ethnically-divided and impoverished by a retreating British administration. Since then, it has virtually eliminated poverty, created a strong industrial and financial sector and still remains one of the most equal societies in the world.

There are many world-class Russian economists, of course. Amongst the most interesting are Elvira Nabiullina, the new Finance Minister, following in the excellent footsteps of German Gref. Elvira is an ethnic Tartar and has a brilliant mind - she is just what Russia needs at this crucial stage of its development as it seeks to diversify its small business sector and to integrate more fully into the world economy by joining the WTO in September 2008.


  • It is nice to create a list for the economists who living in developing contries.

    Different ideas and approaches from different places should be considered as different places have their own cultures. This may limit the effectiveness to adopt a policy.

    By Blogger S, at 1:35 pm  

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