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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Mobile Phone Generation

The latest kickstart to the mobile phone industry starts today with the introduction of the .mobi suffix to website addresses.

To create a website using the .mobi suffix, your website must meet technical standards which will make them easy to download to mobile phones, providing a much better internet experience for mobile phone users than the current generation allows.

Insiders predict that within three years, access speeds will be equivalent to broadband connections. True internet access for mobile phone users will shift the way we work away from static computers to dynamic mobiles - a new revolution is beginning right here right now as I write this piece!

This is supply-side innovation at its best - creating a new industry, new jobs, more efficient use of resources, increasing the speed of information exchange (sometimes called the sixth factor of production) and the velocity of spending - as we will soon be able to buy things through our mobiles and have the cost added to our mobile accounts or subtracted from our top-up cards which will increasingly become more general debit cards or credit sticks.

You can register new .mobi addresses for as little as £14 if you prefer to be on the supplier rather than the consumer side of the market.

The future starts here and it looks like the future is orange.


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