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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Warwick University

Warwick University is the home of new economics in the UK and consistently ranks above LSE in terms of league tables. You can find out more here:

Ben Lockwood is professor of Economics at Warwick. His work covers the whole range of macroeconomics although more recently he has concentrated on fiscal policy and its relationship to productive efficiency - raising the issue, for example, as to whether tax competition between countries is beneficial or not. You can find out more about Ben - and even drop him an email if you wish - right here:

Jeff Round is another interesting economist at Warwick worth getting to know. He specialises in Development Economics and has been particularly helpful to Ghana which has become one of the most stable and fastest developing African countries. The chairman of the UN, Kofi Annan, is of course Ghanaian. You can meet Jeff here:

Here is the full list of staff and their research interests. It gives you a feel for the range of work undertaken by one of the world's most respected economics departments:

W Arulampalam (Professor of Economics): Labour Economics; Econometrics.
C Blackorby (Professor of Economics): Welfare Economics and General Equilibrium.
G Boero: Econometrics and Financial Econometrics.
S N Broadberry (Professor of Economic History): Quantitative Economic History of Britain; Applied Macroeconomics.
J Cave: Game Theory; Industrial Economics.
N Chen: International Economics.
M Clements: Econometrics.
K G Cowling (Emeritus Professor): Industrial Economics; Political Economy.
M Devereux (Professor of Economics): Public Economics; Corporate Finance and Investment.
A Dhillon: Economic Theory.
B Dhutta (Professor of Economics): Economic Theory.
M Ellison: Macroeconomics.
S Ghosal: Economic Theory; Game Theory.
L Graham: Macroeconomics
B Gupta: Economic History; Economic Development; Industrial Organisation in Colonial India.
M Haag (Leverhulme Lecturer in the Economics of Industry and Organisation): Industrial Economics.
R M Harrison (Professor of Economics): Soviet and Russian Economic History.
N J Ireland (Professor of Economics): Public Economics and Industrial Economics.
A Kar: Economic Theory.
K G Knight: Labour Economics.
E Kohlscheen: Political Economy and Macroeconomics.
D Leech: Empirical Co-operative Game Theory; Power indices; Econometrics.
B Lockwood (Professor of Economics): Public Economics; Political Economy; Monetary Policy.
M H Miller (Professor of Economics): International Macroeconomics.
S Murty: Public Economics.
R A Naylor (Professor of Economics): Labour Economics.
A Oswald (Professor of Economics): Labour Economics; Applied Economics.
C Perroni (Professor of Economics): Public Finance; International Economics.
M Pitt: Econometrics; Time Series.
E Proto: Development Economics.
N Rankin: Macroeconomic Theory from Microfoundations.
G Renshaw: Macroeconomics.
J Rigolini: Developmental Economics.
J I Round: Development Economics; Economic Statistics.
K Scharf: Public Economics.
R Skidelsky (Professor of Political Economy): The Intellectual History of the Keynesian Revolution.
M E Slade (Leverhulme Professor of the Economics of Industry and Organisation): Empirical Industrial Economics.
J C Smith: Labour; Macroeconomics.
J P D Smith: Econometrics; Time Series Modelling.
R J Smith (Professor of Economics): Econometrics.
M B Stewart (Professor of Economics): Labour Economics; Econometrics.
M Taylor (Professor of Economics): Macroeconomics and Finance.
I Walker (Professor of Economics): Labour and Public Economics.
K F Wallis (Emeritus Professor of Econometrics): Econometrics; Time Series Analysis.
M J Waterson (Professor of Economics): Industrial Economics, Theory and Applied.
M Wooders (Professor of Economics): Public Economics; Game Theory; General Equilibrium Theory.
L Zhang: Financial Economics.


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