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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Clocks and Counters

Clocks and Counters are a good way of demonstrating how quickly things are changing. Here are a few that you might find fun:

This is probably the most scary - the world population clock:

As I write, it's 6,511,884,404 - no, wait, that's 407, no - no, it's 413

This one's quite fun - if a little scary too - how long do you have left to live?:

This one's cool - it's the American National Debt clock - that's the total amount of money that the American government is in debt:

Typically, a government pays about 5% interest on it's national debt, so you can work out for yourself how much the American government is spending each year on interest alone - it's about $400 billion.

And here's something to think about - time is a resource - how can we use it most wisely?


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